Kits from Pics

We are proud to present you with our exclusive service,  unlike other 3d printing services you do not need to provide a .stl file, just photos of what you would like to get printed 

Simply email photos of what you would like to have printed for your layout or use google maps for the address and send to me 

Estimates are free!  Prices will vary with the size, amount of workup time and print time.

Remember we will do the designing and printing of your custom building. Suggestions for your custom 3d printed  building could be the home you grew up in, a favorite movie theater or drugstore, railroad buildings, anything you can think of.

Please allow up to 60 business days to complete your custom item. The larger the building, the longer it takes to print.

1# Send us info about your building

It can be: photographs, images form the web, a google maps location, an address, sketch. Anything will work as reference, as more information you can provide a better custom model we can develop.

2# We will provide estimations

We will provide you with a rough sketch about the size of the model and the price of its developing, once this is approved we can go on with the following steps.

3# 3D Model develop

We will develop 3D model of your request, with all posible details on the selected scale. It will have 3D textured walls, windows frames, doors and other details. In this stage we will provide you with renderings and interactive 3D models of how the model is going to look once printed.

4# Make it real

Once you are happy with the renderings of the 3D model we will print the model, pack it and ship to you door.

5# Assamble

You will get a 3D printed kit, usually printed on white PLA. This parts can be glued using CA glue. We will provide you with an interactive 3D model to help putting together all the parts. You can prime the model and then use standard paintings and methods to finish it.